Why Your Communication Problem Isn’t the Problem

[NB – I have a lot more to say on this subject (and I will) at my January 28th workshop, . Just click the workshop title for details!] Like most couples, my wife and I sometimes rehearse the same disagreements over and over again. If your relationship is anything like ours, you know there’s a familiar rhythm to […] Read more »

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12 Invitations for a New Year – Or, How About We Start 2012 Without Shame & Blame?

Recently, I saw an online article posted via Facebook that inspired me to post this blog for y’all. It was about things to stop doing if you want a life of fulfilling sunrises, great sex, mind-bending career opportunities, oodles of financial security, etc. Or something like that. Well, no, I didn’t like the blog. But […] Read more »

How That Old Pain Can Be A Pathway to New Joy

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges involved in witnessing for my clients as they work toward self-transformation is helping them to look, unafraid, at the burden of old pain they are carrying around with them. Old pain is there in all of us. It’s carried by busy, care-taking moms and business owning divas who run […] Read more »

From Cynics to Critics: Transforming Negativity in the World Around Us

Recently, I noticed that a twitter chum had committed to a 21-Day, Complaint-Free Challenge. I immediately tweeted him with hearty, virtual pat on the back! This got me thinking about just how much of the content of conversations I hear each day focuses on gossip, complaining, criticizing, cynicism or otherwise filling the air (and our […] Read more »

Naming the Un-nameable: How Fear of the Unfamiliar Keeps Us Stuck

One of the things I love most about my clients is their commitment to getting under the surface of whatever is troubling them about their lives. Whatever it is that they’re coming to me with, it’s not unusual that – by the time they find their way to my door – the relationship, job, problem, […] Read more »

Leveraging the Human Impulse to Change

Every now and then, a new client comes to me and says, “Okay, I’ve read all the self-help books. I’ve watched The Secret. I know every affirmation under the sky. My life still sucks. What can you do for me?”. I absolutely love it when this happens. When I hear this from a client, I’m internally […] Read more »

Being(s) of Service & the Right to be Wrong

In the interests of transparency, I want to utter a word or three about being of service. This expression, “being of service” has gotten fairly popular in the circles I move in, so it seems worthwhile to throw my hat into the discussion. For starters, I do not think that being of service to another person means helping, […] Read more »

Why Forgiveness Makes Us Shiny…

A few years back when “The Secret” was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, I heard something that made me begin to reconsider what I’ve since come to call “unforgiveness”. Lisa Nichols was one of the featured speakers for that episode, and she shared her definition of forgivness. She said, “Forgiveness is letting go of […] Read more »

All Experience is Generous. Yep. All of it.

I wanted to begin my adventures in blogging talking about this notion that I’ve shared with clients from all walks of life – folks who’ve been able to honestly and powerfully step out of their ‘victim story’ by integrating this notion: all experience is generous. I’m suggesting that it’s not only the pleasurable or joyful […] Read more »