Why Stepping Back Could Be The ONLY Thing That Moves Your Relationship Forward

Recently, a former coaching client of mine from, oh, maybe seven years ago was reminiscing about our work together. She said, “Your advice that I needed to step back in my relationship with my daughter – in order to make room for her to step forward – this completely changed my life. It completely changed […] Read more »

Stop The Press And Hold The Roses, Batman: There’s A Secret Ingredient To Lasting PASSION (hint: it’s not AA batteries)

One of the most common complaints I hear in my private relationship coaching practice goes something like this: “I just wish we could be close again. It used to be so easy” Or, “Erin, we’re just not having sex anymore!”  You might think I hear the first one from mostly women and the second from […] Read more »

Part II – The #1 Thing Sabotaging Your Shot At The BIG Love (and how to turn it around for good!)

If you ever feel like you’re treated as though your needs don’t matter in relationship…you are in the right place, Dear One. If you sometimes experience a suspicion that while you’re taking care of everyone else, no one is thinking about your needs…tune in and turn on, Neighbour. If you sometimes run monologues in your […] Read more »

Part I – So Long Relationship Martyr, Hello B.I.G. Love

If you’re reading this, I’m going to go out on a limb and make some assumptions about you. Ready? Okay. You possess a big, brassy heart. You want to breathe in beauty and exhale magic. You aspire to be a connoisseur of passionately crafted, joyous delight (all kinds). Your veins contain not blood, but equal […] Read more »

F.I.E.R.C.E. Relationships – A Manifesto

fierce |fi(e)rs| showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity: s/he kissed her with a fierce, demanding passion. ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French fiers ‘fierce, brave, proud,’ from Latin ferus ‘untamed.’ I want to talk about the stuff that empowers heart-changing, soul-expressing, passion-growing human connection. I’m going to talk about these things because I want to […] Read more »