The Big WHY Behind He Said / She Said

Recently, I was coaching a couple who were seriously bogged down by disagreements in their relationship. One of them would try to tell me a story, and this would quickly devolve into a back and forth of, “I didn’t say that / Yes you did!” Both partners were really frustrated. They couldn’t agree on what had […] Read more »

The 3 Biggest Reasons That Couples Collapse: Reason #2…

Last week, I shared with you the 3rd biggest reason that couples collapse (if you missed it, click here). This week, I want to share the second biggest reason that relationships break down. Here’s a hint – to the average person, it looks something like this: “But I said I was sorry – why can’t […] Read more »

The 3 Biggest Reasons Couples Collapse: Reason #3…

“I think this girl’s The One”, said my client. I nod, bearing in mind that he has said this about three different women during our previous coaching sessions. Later, I gently pointed out to my client that his enchantment with the enchantment of new relationships was holding him back from experiencing the remarkable growth, intimacy, […] Read more »

The Difference Between Change & Growth: Or, How Do You Spring Clean Your Relationships?

The difference between change…and growth! Or…How do you ‘spring clean’ your relationships? (ANSWER: you don’t). You say, “What?”. Stay with me, now. Let’s face it: struggles in relationships are as common as, well…dirt! Worse, we exhaust ourselves trying to figure it all out alone. In my coaching work and seminars, I help folks who are just plain tired of being tired from […] Read more »

5 Ways You Can Know You’re Getting It Right!

Happy New Year – 2013 is here! You made it through 2012… Phew! The world didn’t end – although for some, it came close to feeling that way, what with all the massive challenges, losses, and struggles of this Great Transition we’re experiencing here in our little corner of the Universe. And with the turning […] Read more »

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