Stop The Press And Hold The Roses, Batman: There’s A Secret Ingredient To Lasting PASSION (hint: it’s not AA batteries)

One of the most common complaints I hear in my private relationship coaching practice goes something like this: “I just wish we could be close again. It used to be so easy” Or, “Erin, we’re just not having sex anymore!”  You might think I hear the first one from mostly women and the second from […] Read more »

The Big WHY Behind He Said / She Said

Recently, I was coaching a couple who were seriously bogged down by disagreements in their relationship. One of them would try to tell me a story, and this would quickly devolve into a back and forth of, “I didn’t say that / Yes you did!” Both partners were really frustrated. They couldn’t agree on what had […] Read more »

The 3 Biggest Reasons Couples Collapse: Reason #3…

“I think this girl’s The One”, said my client. I nod, bearing in mind that he has said this about three different women during our previous coaching sessions. Later, I gently pointed out to my client that his enchantment with the enchantment of new relationships was holding him back from experiencing the remarkable growth, intimacy, […] Read more »

The Difference Between Change & Growth: Or, How Do You Spring Clean Your Relationships?

The difference between change…and growth! Or…How do you ‘spring clean’ your relationships? (ANSWER: you don’t). You say, “What?”. Stay with me, now. Let’s face it: struggles in relationships are as common as, well…dirt! Worse, we exhaust ourselves trying to figure it all out alone. In my coaching work and seminars, I help folks who are just plain tired of being tired from […] Read more »