Create the Connection You Crave! 3 Simple Secrets Professional Women Know That Keep Their Relationships Hot, Happy, and Healthy

Join Erin Bentley, Tuesday, April 22nd, 7pm, for this LIVE, 3-hour event where you will learn:

~ The #1 cause of conflict in relationships

~ My TOP tip for turning conflict…into connection

~ The hidden reason why some women create the same relationship over and over…with different people

~ The 3 simple secrets that keep your relationship HOT, happy, and healthy

~ My exclusive system for revolutionizing your relationships…forever!

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Reviews from past events and retreats!

“Thanks so much for the great evening and the opportunity you created for participants to feel comfortable with such a wonderful, emotional topic. For me the experience of an open discussion was an unfolding, as your wonderful speaking abilities cut through the social meniscus of tension to get to the heart of the matter. How wonderful to be able to express thoughts and stories in such an open way”.

“I have to say I really enjoyed your talk last night, it was so uplifting for me to hear you speak. I haven’t heard someone speak that eloquently and with such compassion about such a delicate and overwhelming subject in a long time. It was truly great to listen to you and have that chat at the end of the evening…Would love to stay in touch with you and attend another workshop of yours whenever you do another one”.

“That was the most amazing course I have ever taken. Your passion and true connection to this work overwhelmed me. I honestly left your course a better person, with better understanding of myself and the world around me. You are amazing! You are a gift! I want to hear everything you have to say. Thank you. A million times, thank you”.

“I didn’t get a chance to say ‘thank you’ for the evening but it was really wonderful and incredible! Your words resonated not only with me but others as well”.

“I love Erin’s work…few people are able speak with such eloquence while simultaneously communicating great warmth and tenderness. Erin is one of the few speakers I’ve seen who can do both”.

“The presentation was very moving. I have a lot to process. My heart feels cracked open”.

“Amazing! I was half tempted several times to jump up and shout like in a gospel church…that’s how much the material hit me and was true”.

“I wish I could take you…home! Your manner of speaking, your knowledge and passion…captured me. Thank you!”.

“This is the best, most effective course I’ve ever taken…I actually learned more about myself today. Thank you so very much!”.

“The workshop It was incredible. So moving, truthful and helpful. I can’t thank you enough!”

“I found Erin to be extremely knowledgable, insightful, and wise. She is an excellent public speaker, engaging, humorous and down to earth. Thanks for a great evening!”.

“Fantastic. I learn something new about myself and others each time I attend one of Erin’s talks!”.

“It was a great event! Erin was fabulous and it helped me a lot to better understand myself!”.

“It was as if you spoke straight to my heart – my broken heart. I left you talk with such hope and lightness. Thank you”.

“Erin, you have a beautiful energy about you and your insight into situations, feelings and people’s words is pure wisdom and love – a lot of love. You seem to hear what people say and your responses are filled with peace – or is that just your beautiful voice?”

“Wonderful and very touching evening. Once again thank you Erin for your insight, warmth and grace”.

“Erin’s style is intuitive, sensitive, inspiring…captivating and engaging. What a great story teller!”

“Erin’s presentation style made me smile and laugh…She can be a scholar and then a kid the next minute!”

“Thank you again for having me be a part of your amazing workshop.  I learned a lot, particularly because I needed to really think about my life in relation to the drama around me…You have a real, winning connection when it comes to mentoring!”