5 Ways You Can Know You’re Getting It Right!


Happy New Year – 2013 is here!

You made it through 2012…

Phew! The world didn’t end – although for some, it came close to feeling that way, what with all the massive challenges, losses, and struggles of this Great Transition we’re experiencing here in our little corner of the Universe.

And with the turning of yet another calendar year comes what, perhaps, might feel like an unpleasant surprise: there’s more transition ahead.

There. I said it.

“What?”, you say. “Erin, I’ve been working my tail off on personal transformation, meditation, self-care, working on myself – what DO YOU MEAN there’s more transition coming?”

It’s true. We’re not done.

But here’s what I really want to convey to you as lovingly and as joyfully as I can: you didn’t get it wrong. There’s more healing, integrating, and transformation ahead – but it’s not because you’re getting it wrong. It’s because you’re getting it right!


Here’s 5 ways you can know that you’re getting it right:

1) You feel uncomfortable

I know, it sounds counter-intuitive. However, first, if you can allow yourself to feel discomfort, this indicates that you are tuned into yourself. And chances are, you’ve had to do some work to get here! Moreover, every time we feel discomfort, there’s a big opportunity wrapped in red bow underneath it. As you become practiced as leaning into discomfort gently, the sensation becomes less terrifying. It tells you that you are beginning to trace the contours of something that was previously invisible in order to bring it into the light of your consciousness. This is opportunity + blessing + divine raspberry (or zerbert, if you prefer) – right in the middle of your forehead!

2) Relationships are shifting dramatically or ending.

There’s no way around it: when your inner landscape changes, the outer landscape must change, also. It can be no other way. This can be very painful – devastating, even. If you’ve gone through a break-up with a friend or partner, please, please beautiful soul, don’t assume you’re getting it wrong. Shifts in our relationships are one of the SUREST ways we know that we are doing deep, transformative work. You are not alone, I promise. And as sure as you might be that you will never, ever find someone wonderful to fill that space in your life, you will. Indeed, something must ultimately occupy the space that has opened up in your world – because the Universe abhors a vacuum. And here’s the good news: you get to decide who, what, and how that space will be filled. Hang in there.

3) You notice when you are straying away from living consciously.

Over the holidays, I was at some friends’ house chatting with new people. One of the folks there was talking about how she really needed to get back to meditating; and how she wasn’t using all the tools for consciousness that she’d worked so hard to cultivate. Then, she said, “I know I’m just not living my life consciously”. Gently, I suggested, “Maybe. But a person has to be at least somewhat conscious in order to recognize that they’re not living their life consciously, right?”. ‘Nuff said.

4) You find yourself going over old ground again (and again) in your spiritual journey

Here’s another one that sounds like a paradox. How can I be making progress if I keep returning to work over the same old issues? Imagine an eagle perched on a tree branch. She takes flight and begins to circle around and around, higher and higher – yet going over the same ground as she circles in her upward spiral. She is going over the same ground, but gradually and persistently, each time she passes over the tree branch from which she began, it’s from a higher perspective. Even if you seem to be going over the same ground, consider that you may be doing this from a new level of awareness – and that means new opportunities for growth, empowerment and transformation are available to you!

5) You are experiencing moments of kismet, serendipity, coincidence.

I had a friend who used to refer to coincidences as “god winks”. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. I interpret these as signposts from the Universe that provide affirmation of my direction or a dose of knowing-smile-inducing, divine encouragement. Coincidence = affirmation. Serendipity = flow. Kismet = divine magic at your disposal for creating miracles! I’m also including, here, moments when folks come up to you and say things like, “You seem happier! You’re more approachable! You seem really settled in your life”, etc. Stop and notice how your life is feeling – acknowledge that things are a bit easier. More joyful. More peaceful. And take a moment to express your gratitude.

Hoping you feel all my love and encouragement for 2013 – and beyond,


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