Prioritize. Stabilize. Optimize.

Nothing is lonelier than feeling alone in your relationship. Too often, you get trapped by the desire to “get past” conflicts – only to end up in the same arguments again. 

You can’t get past it…until you learn how to identify what’s underneath it!

Stop wondering if conflict is all you have in common anymore. With Total Relationship Coaching, you’ll discover research-based strategies and a results-oriented approach that will show you how to get beyond the symptoms of your disconnection and find the SOURCE of the issue…so you get reconnected and STAY that way!

Relationship Matters

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5 Powerful Practices For Dissolving Drama, Banishing Baggage, And Turning Conflict Into Connection

Private Coaching

Private Couples Coaching

Prioritize. Stabilize. Optimize

For 15 years, Erin has been supporting couples grappling with every manner of  crises in their relationship, including infidelity, infertility, estrangement, substance use, and more. 

Research-based and results oriented, Erin delivers real value through her couples coaching package of 15, in-depth, 90 minute sessions that support couples to get underneath the symptoms of their struggles so they can identify and address the SOURCE of their disconnection dilemma – arresting the cycle of repeated arguments, distance, and distrust!

Equipped with an array of evidence-based, practical tools and strategies, Erin guides clients to adopt the optimal skills and awareness to recover closeness, trust, and intimacy in their relationships; while, at the same time, supplying the skills needed to protect your connection from future problems by promoting principles and practices designed to help you grow together…instead of growing apart!

Book a complimentary 30-minute Relationship Reboot Strategy Session to get started.

ONLINE Group Coaching

Relationship (Re)Boot Camp!

Prioritize. Stabilize. Optimize

Join Erin for this LIVE, 6-week, group coaching experience for couples as you uplevel and uplift your connection! 

Each week, Erin will lead you through a discussion of some of the most tenacious  topics she’s coached her private clients through in 15 years of practice!

Weaving together the fastest and most impactful coaching techniques available…with the best, research-based strategies for couples, Erin will help you avoid “symptom seduction” as you learn, real-time, how to get underneath the complaints and conflicts keeping you from closeness and intimacy!

You will discover the key tools,  skills, and awareness you must have to identify your partner’s REAL needs (even when they aren’t aware of them) – so you can support them to feel S.A.F.E. to lean into love!

Discover how to derail conflict before it creates ruptures in your relationship!

Explore how your most tenacious patterns ‘track back’ to family of origin dynamics you CAN dissolve…so you pro-actively PREVENT fights and arguments – leaving you oh-so much more time for play, passion, and purpose!

And finally, create the conscious family culture your relationship needs….to realize and fulfill the ultimate promise of your connection by cultivating  the ultimate, VALUES centered relationship that empowers each of you to grow, evolve, and maximize your individual potential as people, partners, and parents!

Relationship Matters Academy

Your GPS To CLoseness, Trust + Intimacy

Research Based, Results Oriented

This dynamic and transformative monthly membership experience is for singles and couples who are committed to elevating their relationships by adopting strategic principles and practices that prioritize, stabilize and optimize connection – so you can experience the true promise and potential of a loving relationship.

For those who want to learn how to give love and receive love, and how to do both skillfully. You’re ready for a love that can deliver on its promise.

MONTHLY Masterclass

In Relationship Matters Academy

Prioritize. Stabilize. Optimize.

Once a month, Erin hosts a 60 minute masterclass in the Zoom Room on a specific topic such as:

  • EQ + You: How Avoiding Your Emotions Will Kill Your Connection
  • Learning To Listen With Love: Getting Underneath Complaints, Corrections, and Criticism
  • Moving Through Money Meltdowns
  • All In! Meeting Their Needs With Love Languages 

You name it! From supernatural sex to attachment styles, from why your communication problem isn’t the problem…to how compromise is killing your connection, Erin takes participants from painful patterns to the empowering principles and practices that will inform, inspire, and occasionally erupt the room with much-needed laughter as we tackle some weighty topics made easy by a world-class speaker and workshop leader!

Want in? These Masterclasses are a part of Relationship Matters Academy. Check out the link below for details.

Don’t miss on these high impact, results-oriented workshops that will MOVE THE NEEDLE with specific strategies and tools to support you.

WEEKLY Workshops for Couples


Fast, Flexible, Fundamental

Available on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, these dynamic, and high impact videos support a thriving community of  couples committed to creating hot, happy, and healthy connections!

You have SO many questions:

  • How the HECK do we cope with the pressure-cooker of living, relating, or parenting…during Covid?
  • Why, no matter how much I compromise, give, or try…does this STILL feel so hard?
  • How do you turn conflict…into connection?
  • Is it possible to come back from a major crisis, breakdown, or rupture in our relationship?
  • How do we flip the fizzle…back to sizzle?

Whether you’re struggling, reconciling, newly committed, or just dedicated to being pro-active about your union, I’m here to share my answers to your questions (and even sometimes change the questions) as you refocus, together, on specific strategies that will MOVE THE NEEDLE to create connection where you grow together…instead of growing apart!

There are TWO main objectives for these videos:

  1. To share HIGH impact insights and strategies, bring the laughter, and move you toward RESULTS – even faster than you thought possible, perhaps!


  2. To bring together, in community, a group of creative, curious, and courageous folx who prioritize:
  •  personal growth + development
  • cultivating conscious, committed connections
  • showing up authentically
  • joy, pleasure, consent, and accountability

So HOW, you might ask, are we going to do this? 

The mic drops HERE! 

First and foremost, join me on my channels on ALL the subjects that matter to you MOST!

I will answer your most *burning* questions as I distill 15 years of coaching insights into live broadcasts, Q&A’s, clients interviews, and discussions with allied professionals. 

You will LAUGH, LEARN, and leave LIGHTER as you discover how to:

PRIORITIZE meaningful, quality connection.

STABILIZE before crises develop.

And OPTIMIZE by leveraging struggles into strengths – and developing your fundamental foundation so you grow together…not apart!

Be sure to drop in on-the-regular so you can receive all the relationship tips, free resources, announcements, and SUPER special events. 

Don’t miss out on these FREE resources each week, and a chance to engage with me in the comments to answer any of your most burning questions – and request topics you want to hear!


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