Subtract. Attract. Connect.

If you’re single, you’re searching. Stop waiting and start creating your happy beginning. Subtract the hidden barriers that are keeping you from closeness. Attract the trust, commitment, and intimacy you’ve been missing. Connect with a foundation for love that lasts.

Relationship Matters

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10 Secrets For Singles To Dazzle Your Dates And Create Connection With Ease

Private Coaching

Private coaching for individuals

Research Based, Results Oriented

For 15 years, Erin has been supporting committed individuals to overcome the hidden barriers getting between you…and the closeness you crave.

She draws on decades of research and coaching experience to support her single clients to breakthrough the single cycle, heal their heartbreak, and move from crushes…to REAL connection!

Backed by evidence-based strategies to Stop dating duds and wasting your time, energy, and love on gamers, ghosters, and gaslighters! Optimize your outcomes by removing the hidden barriers keeping you from connection.

Book a complimentary, 30-minute Relationship Reboot Strategy Session right away!

Group Coaching

Breakthrough The Single Cycle

Research Based, Results Oriented

Breakthrough the Single Cycle is a 6-week, online group coaching experience for single, professional women.

In this dynamic, interactive, and transformative group coaching program, Erin supports participants to identify and remove the HIDDEN barriers to lasting love. 

Escape the cycle of unsuccessful relationships and optimize your outcomes by eliminating problem patterns, slippery standards, and the ‘type troubles’ that keep you dating duds or getting ghosted by gamers and gaslighters!

Magnetize deep connection with ease as you develop an intentional attractor factor – instead of being burdened by the hidden histories, compatibility confusion, and subconscious self-sabotages that are keeping you from lasting connection.

Stop compromising your standards and sacrificing your needs by cultivating a bullet-proof sense of your true worth as you uncover your camouflaged qualifications for closeness through the accelerated, elevated results that occur through this unique and powerful,  facilitated group coaching experience. 

To learn more about Breakthrough The Single Cycle, contact Erin for a complimentary, 30-minute strategy session today!

Relationship Matters Academy

YOUR GPS TO Closeness, trust + intimacy

Research Based, Results Oriented

This dynamic and transformative monthly membership experience is for singles and couples who are committed to elevating their relationships by adopting strategic principles and practices that prioritize, stabilize and optimize connection – so you can experience the true promise and potential of a loving relationship.

For those who want to learn how to give love and receive love, and how to do both skillfully. You’re ready for a love that can deliver on its promise.

MONTHLY Masterclass

In Relationship Matters ACademy

Are You Ready for Your Happy Beginning?

Once a month, Erin hosts a 60 minute masterclass in the Zoom Room on a specific topic such as:

  • What’s the REAL reason you’re single?
  • The Great Debate: To Settle…Or Hold Out For What I Deserve? 
  • Looking for Love in ALL The Wrong Places: Why Your Dream Lover List…Needs An UPGRADE!

You name it! 

From supernatural sex to attachment styles, from why your communication problem isn’t the problem to how you turn conflict to connection…Erin takes participants from problem patterns to the empowering principles + practices that will inform, inspire, and occasionally erupt the room with much-needed laughter as we tackle some weighty topics made easy by a world-class speaker and workshop leader!

Want in? These Masterclasses are a part of Relationships Matters Academy. Check out the link below for details. 

Don’t miss out on these high impact, results-oriented workshops that will MOVE THE NEEDLE with specific strategies and tools to support you…to Breakthrough The Single Cycle.

WEEKLY Workshops

Instagram + FB Live!

Hot Topics, Happy Beginnings

Available to folx that follow Erin on Instagram and Facebook, these WEEKLY, dynamic, high impact LIVE broadcasts support a thriving community of singles who are savvy, soulful, and *serious* about creating conscious connections!

You have so many questions:

  • Should I settle for less than I *really* want…or hold out?
  • Why are there NO GOOD singles folx in Vancouver / Toronto / LA / Miami, etc.?
  • How the *heck* do I meet someone during Covid?
  • Why is it so HARD to get him / her / them…to commit?
  • Conquering The Crush Rush To Create R.E.A.L. Relationships!
  • How do I trust again after (another) heartbreak?

Whether you’re newly single or you’ve been riding the online dating merry-go-round for a while, in these fast, flexible mini-workshops, Erin will share answers to your questions (and even change the questions, on occasion) as you zero in on what you need (and what you’ve had *enough* of); what you’re looking for, (and who you’re NOT); as well as how to bring it all together into your life.

There are TWO main objectives for these live broadcasts:

  1. To share HIGH impact insights and strategies, bring the laughter, and move you toward RESULTS – even faster than you thought possible, perhaps!

  2. To bring together, in community, a group of single folx who prioritize:
  • personal growth + development
  • cultivating conscious, committed connections
  • showing up authentically
  • joy, pleasure, consent, and accountability

The mic drops HERE!

Join Erin for the weekly IG and FaceBook Live broadcasts on ALL the subjects that matter to you MOST. 

You will LAUGH, LEARN, and leave LIGHTER as you discover how to:

SUBTRACT what’s not working;

ATTRACT *on purpose*;

And CONNECT…by developing the fundamental foundations for love that lasts!

Then, be sure to drop in on-the-regular so you don’t miss the relationship tips, free resources, announcements, and SUPER special events.

Don’t miss out on these free, live, weekly broadcasts. Pick your platform (IG, Facebook and…coming soon, TikTok!) and click “follow”!

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